Racine & Laramie® Tobacconist, 2018
Pipe Tobacco Price List for 2 oz., 6 oz., and 16 oz.

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ADMIRALTY FLAKE A traditional navy flake of very matured and old belt, flue cured Virginias spiced with Louisiana Perique. Perfect for an evenings relaxation. $7.75, $19.50, $48.75.

ALTAIR Light aromatic Danish cavendish; flue-cured base with some black cavendish and burley,notes of rum and vanilla. $10.25, $25.50, $63.75.

BOBS BLEND-B Newly reformulated version of our all time best seller. This is a traditional style cavendish, no wet dottle. It burns completely to a fine gray ash and no bitterness even if relit. Both its smell and taste are light and pleasant so you may smoke it all day long without irritation. ........... . . ...... $11.50, $28.75, $71.95.

BURLEY ENGLISH A unique take on the traditional English mixture. Rich flavored latakia and orientals are cooled down with mild plug cut burley and toasted cavendish. A smooth, slow burning mixture enjoyable by veteran smokers and a great introduction to latakia for the neophyte. . . ...... ...... $8.00, $20.00, $50.00.

CHERRY MYSTIQUE Extremely mild Danish cavendish with a big cherry flavor. It smells great like Dad used to smoke, but with the lightness of outstanding African leaf. $9.50, $23.75, $59.50.

DR. CHARLEY Plug cut burley blend, lightly flavored, with the best smoking characteristics of any I have encountered, bar none. It is a mild, cool smoke with no bite whatsoever. It burns slowly and evenly with a bone-dry white ash, and stays lit so well it practically smokes itself. Perfect for new smokers, new pipes, or any time you’d rather concentrate on what you’re doing, not keeping your pipe lit. $10.75, $26.75, $66.75.

D. BOONE This is a unique aromatic. It is a cavendished 100 % Red Virginia that has all the brightness cavendished out. It is lightly cased with maple and burns to a clean, gray ash. The smoker will appreciate the taste of Virginia while those around will flock to the inviting fragrance. . . ..... . . ...... . . 811.95, $29.75, $74.25.

GOLDEN BULL MIXTURE This is an intriguing taste experience of delicious, smoke cured Latakia, sweet piedmont Virginai, and mellow Yendige Turkish. An English favorite.. $16.50, $41.25, $103.00.

GRAMP’S BLEND A house favorite. Golden flue-cured and black Danish aromatic cavendish. A rich sweet flavor with notes of pistachio and vanilla. $10.25, $25.50, $63.75.

JAMAICAN RUM Sweet and delicious - Old-fashioned, clean burning Maryland tobacco with big rum flavors and a touch of bright Virginia to season the taste. A must try! $14.75, $36.75, $91.50.

MILD CAVENDISH This popular smoke is a blend of burley and African cavendishs. It offers a smooth richness and an alluring hint of Mexican vanilla. $10.75, $26.75, $66.75.

MY COFFEE A house favorite. The perfect morning smoke, this cavendish mixture will open your eyes with the intoxicating aroma of dark chocolate and fresh coffee. $11.50, $28.75, $72.00.

SENATOR This American stylle cavendish is a mix of delicious golden cavendish and Green River fire-cured leaf. It is very flavorful with a scintillating aroma. $10.75, $26.75, $66.75.

SILVER DOLLAR FLAKE Flue-cured Virginias spiced with pure Louisiana Perique rolled around a core of mellowing black cavendish, then sliced into medallions. The complex interplay of richness and spice is a treat for the seasoned palate. $14.25, $35.75, $89.50.

SWEET JOHN A rich fire-cured black cavendish. Great on its own or use it to add rich cocoa notes to your favorite personal blend. $10.75, $26.75, $66.75.

TASTY FLAKE A traditional Virginia flake, pressed into cakes so you can rub it out to your preferred consistency. A full tasting tobacco for the connoisseur. $9.50, $23.75, $59.50.

VIRGINIA BEST For the Virginia purist. A blend of the 7 finest bright flue-cured Virginias. No flavoring added - just light smoking Virginia goodness. $9.50, $23.75, $59.50.

WINE CAVENDISH Wine cavendished, even burning, light Virginias mixed with a touch of tasty CarolinaVirginias. $7.50, $18.75, $46.75.

CHEWING TOBACCO A no bite chew composed of vintage, aged cigar leaf. Two flavors: Bat Boy-peach and Apple. Federal law prohibits us from shipping to states other than California. 4 oz .= $10.00, pound=$37.50.

CIGARETTE SHAG Finest Dutch processed rolling tobacco:
. . ...... DUTCH HALFZWARE, Dark Fired Kentucky and full bodied Virginia
. . ...... LONDON, Traditional blend of rich Virginias.
. . ...... NORGE, Oriental and mellow Virginias.
. . ...... NORTHERN, Superior blend of Virginias from three continents.
. . ...... TURKISH, A complex blend of Samsun and ripe Virginias.
. . ...... . . ...... 1 oz.=$15.95, 6 oz.=$80.25.

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